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About Dreaming The Light and Founder, Mary Serphos, LCSW

"It was my dream to create a tool for therapists, coaches, and teachers to use during sessions with clients and students, to heighten self awareness and spark thought provoking dialogue. And as the idea grew, I realized Dreaming The Light is a universal tool, applicable for everyone especially those looking to live with more intention and self reflection in their day-to-day lives"

-Founder of Dreaming the Light, Mary Serphos

About Dreaming The Light:

Dreaming The Light began as a collaboration between two women eager to provide a bit of everyday wisdom and insight as well as creative inspiration to help others cope with the stress and overwhelm felt on an individual as well as collective level. The cards were designed to merge artful images with words and short impactful quotes to spark self-inquiry and to be used as a calming anchor during a busy day.


As the card deck took shape and was further developed, the initial collaborative effort changed course and one of the founders, Mary Serphos took the card deck into its final stages. Mary worked day and night, eager to get the cards out into the world as a healing tool when it seemed to be needed most. As a psychotherapist, she realized that Dreaming The Light is a perfect tool for therapists, workshop facilitators, coaches and teachers to help clients develop and heighten self awareness and ignite personal transformation.


About Mary:

Mary Serphos, founder of Dreaming The Light, lives and works in Fairfax in Marin County CA and balances her time as as a private practice therapist and "Creative Image" Photographer. The images which set the background of all the cards in the Dreaming the Light card deck were all taken and edited by Mary. For more of her Creative Image Photography, see

The words and expanding text on the cards were gleaned from many sources including words and ideas from both original founders. Inspiration was also sourced from the "a-ha" moments during countless hours in meditation and during therapy sessions especially in the moments when a client's awareness into a challenge or concern was realized.

As a therapist, Mary currently works with adults and children/teens in private practice and most recently with The Child Therapy Institute of Marin in San Rafael, California. Please see the Child Therapy Institute website for more details.  She has brought her "Dreaming The Light" cards into the sessions and found great results so far. For more details about how to use the cards during sessions, workshops or facilitation, see the FAQ page. (coming soon)

When Mary isn't working, she is often finding inspiration while dancing or roaming one of the many trails or beaches in Marin with her beloved partner or friend's chocolate lab, Murphy. See for more. Mary is equally at home, well... at home or wandering along exotic shores throughout the world or on a visit to her East Coast family in NY. All these pursuits spark creativity and are of the catalyst for ongoing inspiration. Please stay tuned for the next chapter of Dreaming The Light.

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