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"This deck is unique because of the potent therapeutic themes and inquiry questions or suggestions that are offered on each card...and the photography is beautiful!"
     Sarah J., Relationship Coach


Where To Purchase Dreaming The Light Card Decks:


*Heart Tribe 7 Bolinas Road in Fairfax, CA

*Spirit Matters 12307 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Point Reyes Station, CA 

*Gioia Boutique on San Anselmo Ave in San Anselmo, CA

Press Release for Dreaming The Light Inspirational Card Deck:


The mission of the Dreaming The Light Card Deck is to inspire individuals through inquiry and exploration as the medium, to allow each one of us to access our inner wisdom and our imagination, to slow down, de-stress and find more meaning and depth in day to day life.”


Mary Serphos has just launched a new kind of inspirational card deck that encourages individuals to delve in and find calm amidst the chaos, to pull out magic within the everyday routine. Perfect timing as so many of us are overwhelmed by the recent barrage of tragedies both nationally and internationally and are in need of solid therapeutic tools that offer a way to cope with tragedy and break from technology. In this card deck, Mary has merged her Creative Image Photography with an array of collected thought provoking words gathered from her many years working as a licensed psychotherapist and writer.


Open the simple box of the Dreaming The Light Card Deck and you’ll find 35 striking square shaped cards covered with images that either evoke the mystery of the dreamworld or beckon the individual into an alluring natural landscape. Overlaying the images are words, many with a short quote usually by a well known author and then expanded text written by Mary. Her words call the reader to look inside, go within and rummage around for the truth, the story that lurks inside each one of us, and to find the answers we all seek to the inquiry or exploration embedded in each card. Some cards have short sweet messages while others are longer, asking the reader to take the time to delve deep within. These cards are compelling because they are not static. Draw the same card one day a week for three consecutive weeks and usually the answer will be different. Don’t be surprised if the wisdom on each card leads to a revelation. 


Dreaming The Light Cards are available for purchase online through

Please see the website for more detailed information about Dreaming The Light Cards and how they can be used.

For inquiries please be in touch with Mary Serphos directly at 

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